Blue Sky Cargo At A Glance

An independent airfreight forwarder for over ten years, Blue Sky Cargo is your reliable partner in airfreight logistics.

Blue Sky Cargo is a full subsidiary of The Greenery. Firmly based in the Dutch agricultural centre of Bleiswijk, we specialize in the transportation of fruit and vegetables. Flowers, plants and general goods are equally safe in our hands. Many years of experience in shipping perishables have made speed and accuracy our second nature.
With an annual minimum of 10 million kilos of air cargo, Blue Sky Cargo is one of the top airfreight forwarders. We have excellent relations with the airline companies and ship through several major European airports. Our freight volumes allow us to offer you attractive rates.

Every step of the way, your shipment is safe in the hands of Blue Sky Cargo’s young and dynamic team. We’ll make all the necessary arrangements and guarantee speedy delivery.

Blue Sky Cargo is registered with the Dutch safety authorities and the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Our air conditioned warehouses meet all HACCP requirements.